Why Jay-Z’s Lyrics Are Plastered Over The Brooklyn Libary

Jay-Z might be back in BK for a celebration, celebrating him!

Jay-Z’s iconic lyrics have become the centerpiece of a grand exhibition displayed in front of the Central Library of the Brooklyn Public Library (BPL). A recent online video revealed the installation process, showing workers placing the lyrics on the library’s exterior. But what is really going on? Let’s go through some of the facts and then answer the rumors.

This project showcases selected verses from Jay-Z’s extensive catalog, featuring bars from popular songs such as “Hovi Baby,” “Sweet,” “Encore,” and “Justify My Thug,” among others. People have guessed that this thing is just BPL honoring the 50th anniversary of Hip-Hop. Even Jay-Z’s mother, Dr. Gloria Carter has been a part of the past celebration in BK. But what about this?

The rumors are a bit more basic. Sources say that the building is closed because The Roc is back in the building. First of all, sections of the library were already off-limits, including the iconic promenade at the front entrance due to this installation. They are saying that this whole thing is an ode to Jay, where a part of the entire library has been blocked off and built out to celebrate Jay-Z or Roc Nation’s contributions to the culture. Formally the library had this to say, “Central Library will close at 6 pm on Wednesday, July 12. Central Library will be closed on Thursday, July 13, in preparation for a special event. IDNYC and Passport offices are open by appointment.”

Roc Nation is not talking, but something special is going down on Friday. The wild thing is that top-level decision-makers within all of this include Linda E. Johnson, the current president and CEO of the BPL, who is married to Bruce Ratner. Who is Bruce? Well, he is Jay-Z’s long-time business partner in real estate. There’s not a lot more about this to tell, but it definitely looks swanky and cool.

Not everybody is happy because they are acting like folks are REALLY in the library like that during the summer. I call cap! Rumor also has it that Jay-Z and company also declined the option of hosting the exhibit at the Marcy Library branch of the BPL. Word is: there is a recreated Baseline Studios in this thing. They gotta have Guru there!

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