Is Jay-Z Buying A Football Team With Jeff Bezos?


Big ballin’. Literally.

If you believe the latest rumors about Jay-Z, he’s about to be big ballin’. Literally.

“Jay-Z and Jeff Bezos have emerged as potential investors of the Denver Broncos,” reports The Boardroom. “The team is expected to come under new ownership following this season with a purchase price of an estimated $4B. Bezos was previously in talks to buy a 40% stake in the Washington Football Team.”

AJ Rice initially broke the rumor for Front Office Sports.

This isn’t the first time sports-watchers thought that Hova would buy an NFL team. Back in 2019, CBS Sports debunked a then-floating myth that suggested that Jay-Z was in talks to buy an unspecified football team.

“Multiple people connected to NFL ownership and the league office have told CBS Sports that this TMZ-reported rumor is simply false, that there are no plans in place for the rap legend to become an NFL owner,” reported the outlet. “The report was connected to the deal Carter’s Roc Nation has to become the “live music entertainment strategist” for the NFL’s major events.”

Now, however, the rumors are back in full swing — and with the potential of Jeff Bezos becoming a co-investor, it looks more like a possibility than ever before.

What do you think? Will Jay-Z become a co-owner of the Denver Broncos? You be the judge.