Jaydayoungan Abused Pregnant Ex/Baby Momma? Allegations Fly!


JayDaYoungan has an ex that says he beat on her and their unborn baby.

I never even heard of this man Jaydayoungan – and he’s been on AllHipHop!

Who are these people? Anyway, I am THAT guy now. I don’t know these neggas! Jaydayoungan is a rapper that stands accused of a myriad of SHYT! But right now, lets just say his ex-girlfriend and baby moms is accusing him of abusing her when she was very pregnant. This is super WITH CHILD! And he allegedly hit her belly when she was carrying his seed. Who even does that? Who raised y’all!? Maybe there is some confusion! 

Let me google Jaydayoungan…


This dude got 2.5 million followers on IG!! Where have I been all this time? I feel like the old outta touch dude!! But I never hit a woman. If you want more, check out what the ladies are saying over HERE…

Here she is pregnant and beautiful. 


Here are some pics the internets grabbed before they were deleted.


This seems to be habitual!

JayDaYoungan Busted For Beating On A Woman – Again

She really needs help. Peep what she is saying on social media:


It looks like he’s happy. And moved on.


He also gives back!

He also seems to be holding his child here.