Joe Budden & 50 Cent Break Down What Really Happened During Migos Interview


(AllHipHop Rumors) The Joe Budden vs. Migos interview altercation video from the 2017 BET Awards red carpet has become the viral gift that keeps on giving.

The original video was hilarious by itself as it had so many comical moments, but the remixes and slowed down versions are equally amazing, I swear.

Joe Budden recently stopped by Boom 103.9 to breakdown what really went down between him and Migos. Joe cleared the air about how he was feeling about Migos and the interview as a whole.

“That was a bit unconventional. I didn’t want to talk to the Migos. I’ve never seen a good Migos interview. I just know when people come and they sit down; I know all of the media training… the label answers. When people are not enthusiastic and they don’t really want to kick it. You not just gonna give me your rear end to kiss,” said Joe.

Joe says he felt like he needed to let Migos know how he really felt about them before the interview was over in case he never saw them again.

Joe Budden says despite what the edited videos look like, Migos weren’t really trying to fight him or really about that life.

Joe also says f-ck all of them. His biggest issue was that the “little diva n-ggas” [as he referred to Migos as], didn’t have to sit down and talk to them anyway because he didn’t want to talk to them in the first place. Apparently Joe felt like Migos made it obvious that they didn’t want to be there before he dropped the mic and walked off.

You have to appreciate Joe’s honesty and transparency though. LMAO. One thing that’s for sure is he will never kiss ass or ride any waves.

50 Cent even weighed in on the situation on Instagram by saying,

“Was this a 50cent moment? Was joe about to get popped on? Let me see yeah, the young boys was getting ready to get on ya head joe. talking about you got a hot 16. LOL”

LOL! What are your thoughts?

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