City Boys Up: Johnny Depp Wins Against Amber Heard In Defamation Trial

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

City Boys Up: Johnny Depp Just Won His Defamation Trial Over Amber Heard.


Salute my homey Johnny Depp! The actor, who was banished from Hollywood for allegedly being abusive, has won a deformation trial against his ex, Amber Heard.

The jury found that Depp was defamed and awarded him some cheddar cheese.

The jury in Virginia today, Wednesday, June 1, found that the actor was in fact defamed by his ex-wife in a 2018 opinion piece. This was a long, messy battle over allegations of domestic abuse.

The jury‘s decision came after a six-week grueling trial that had everything from pooping in the bed to searching body orifices in it. Get this: even Monica Lewinsky referred to it as “courtroom p###. “Millions of people watched this on their television set or streamed it online. I even turned in from time to time!

Johnny Depp denied that he repeatedly physically abused his ex-wife, including head butting her, dragging her by her hair, sexual assault and other forms of abuse. Heard, 36 years old, was something else. She even made the rumor section before for possibly sniffing cocaine on the stand. Anyway, that’s that!

City boys up!

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