Joseline Mollywops Big Lex: Twitter Scores The Fight

Joseline Hernandez

In a unanimous decision, Joseline Hernandez is crowned your Backstage Brawler!

First Amber Rose — ALLEGEDLY –and now Big Lex? Celebrity Boxing, get ready for your next female champion, Joseline Hernandez! The Champ expertly mollywops Big Lex; OR, does she?

So, the Twitter scorecards have been counted. In a unanimous decision, the Puerto Rican Princess gets an undecided decision. Although, the Floyd Mayweather, Jr. versus John Gotti III match had top billing, this unplanned bout is gripping America’s attention.

Earlier, in the evening, the reality television personality takes centerstage. Soon, an interesting routine is left on the floor. So, it is during the sixth round of the exhibition match that the antics erupt.

After, the mobbed up heir continuously holds Money Mayweather, the refs have had enough. The fight is called off. Of course, a melee ensues. However, that was nothing compared to what the reality starlet would unleash.

As tensions eventually subsided, things backstage quickly escalated. As a matter-of-fact, the avid entertainer transforms into a whole goonie. It looks like Joseline Hernandez has beef with everybody.

While, Big Lex sustains the crux of her fury, both security and passers-by feel her wrath. To catch even more of the chaos, click here. So, is Ms. Joseline the Backstage Brawler; or, does she need to do better?