JT Shuts Down Twitter Beef With Another Female Rapper After Revealing How She “Helped” Her

JT City Girls

Maybe we will get a collab out of this.

JT isn’t known to duck rap beef, but this time, she’s doing her part to avoid any sort of disagreement with Rico Nasty.

It’s not that the pair of female rappers actually have an issue with each other. In fact, it’s actually the opposite. The entire situation appeared to unfold after Rico Nasty gave herself due credit in a reply to a fan who highlighted how her early personal style broke the mold in a tweet.

“I was rocking SPIKES they called me ODD but now they ROCKSTARS !” Rico wrote in the tweet.

While it’s clear that Rico was merely giving herself flowers for being a thought leader, another Twitter (X) user interpreted her message as a sneak diss. Based on the context, thus far we can assume that you would already be able to guess who the user was alluding the tweet was meant to disparage. Also, the fact that The City Girls rapper has ongoing rap beef with Sukihana, it’s almost as if she’s lowing fruit at the moment.

The user tagged JT, writing “@ThegirlJT shade,” which prompted Rico’s swift reply, in which she wrote, “B#### I love JT stop. Y’all always trying to start some drama.”

Considering JT has been on her Twitter Fingers timing as of late, it’s no surprise she responded as quickly as she did. However, it wasn’t in my playbook that she would be as cordial as she was. Nor, that she and Rico have history together as her tweet suggests.

“I love you too! They don’t know how much you helped me behind the scenes<3 & never hated!” JT wrote in the tweet.

Thank god JT and Rico didn’t start beefing because Lord knows we need a break following Drake and Kendrick Lamar’s rap beef. Plus, JT still hasn’t even responded to Sukihana’s diss record aimed at her, so she’s already got her hands full!

Check out the exchange above.