Julez Santana And Lil Wayne Are Coming Back…Can They Feel Their Face Now?

Lil Wayne

I Can’t Feel My Face is not dead!

Remember the project I Can’t Feel My Face (ICFMF)? Most people probably can’t remember that project by Lil Wayne and Julez Santana! But, there was such a project once in the distant past when both men were at the top of their proverbial games. The joint project which never saw the light of day was something we all were looking forward to, I think. I know I was because it was a meeting of the bars and both men were really nice with the pen. And then life set in.

I’m not going to go back and retrace all the events that happened, because quite frankly I don’t remember them. But I will say a lot of things came between these two guys. In the year 2021, which is setting up to be one of the strangest on record, we have seen “light” as it relates to ICFMF 2021. It seems like the fellas have gotten back together and are about to release something new. I am not sure what it is going to be called, but they are working.

According to a recent interview with Un Casa, the beloved Dip Set affiliate, the fellas have been sending songs back-and-forth through email and crafting the project. I think that’s pretty dope to even though some of the youthful authentic-nature may get lost in the way of recording. It’s still recording. The end of the day comes and I respect it.