Kanye West Purges His Entire Instagram Account

Kanye West

Kaye West purges his entire Instagram account. This may be the start of Ye’s grieving process. Rest in peace, Virgil Abloh.

Kanye West has deleted all of his Instagram posts. The cultural icon has earned over 9.5 million IG followers. Concerning, the untimely passing of Virgil Abloh, Ye, has yet to release an official statement. On Sunday (Nov. 28), Virgil would succumb to his battle with cardiac angiosarcoma.

Often, grief renders words worthless. It is, only through time’s passing, and through proactive action, that the associated angst finally begins to abate. Embracing his Art, Ye, has submerged himself in music. Yesterday (Nov. 29), from his Sunday Service choir, the “Praise God” MC, shared a necessary offering. The purifying performance, was dedicated to the life and to the legacy of Virgil Abloh.

For over two years, Virgil Abloh, valiantly fought his private battle. Regardless, of his internal war, he carried on. Virgil would go on to become a ubiquitous entity. Whether, working on lux Louis Vuitton designs, or drawing inspiration from visceral graffiti, his artistry was boundless.

Kanye and Virgil fused the line between friendship and family. Revered as a “fiercely devoted father, husband, son, brother, and friend,” Virgil Abloh’s physical absence will long be felt. If, and when, Kanye decides to share his grief, the world will listen.