Kanye West Stans Set Up Several “GoFundMe” Pages To Make Him A Billionaire Again

Kanye West

Fans, ahem Stans, tried to help Kanye West out in the weirdest way.

Take a look at this bs!

Kanye West Stans have created a crowd-funding page to make him billionaire again! What in the hell type of time are they on? They are insane! But, let’s take a step back and take a look at this. First of all, the word on the street is that Kanye West is going broke fast. The rapper lost several streams of revenue and business ties from the likes of Gap and Adidas. Hell, even the Goodwill and TJ Maxxx is not down with Kanye!!! This is wild and seems to create a situation where his fans, I mean Stans, are trying to help him out.

For the record, a Broke Kanye is always better off than us. Now, let me continue.

I do not think people are into this one, this time. The main one – which I refused to link to – has made just $5 since starting. There are several other ones and they are not making a lot of money either. I went to the the local convenience store to get a hoagie and some chips. The chips alone were $5. I decided to keep my money and just get the damn food. The point is, people are feeling a pinch right now and don’t have money for a former billionaire.

In 2016, people did raise over $50,000 for Kanye because he was facing bankruptcy at the time. A few short years later, he is a billionaire. You see how stupid they look now? Did they get any of that money from the world’s most richest black man? NOPE!

Moving right along:

Update: The GoFundMe page is no longer available, apparently taken down by the platform.