Keyshia Cole Declares 2022 as the Year of Celibacy!

Keyshia Cole plans to bust off 2022 with an interesting New Year’s resolution.

Most of Keyshia Cole’s creative catalogue focuses on romance. As next year approaches the “You Complete Me” singer sets a major goal. She declares 2022 as the year of celibacy!

First off, the “Let It Go” singer crushes her goals. For example, earlier this year, her biological mother passed away. Since then, the “Trust and Believe” chanteuse would challenge herself to stop drinking. Consequently, she successfully follows through with her aspiration to abandon the spirits.

In the same way, the Oakland entertainer plans to bust open 2022 with a celibacy challenge. Therefore, yesterday (on Dec. 20), she boldly declares her intentions. Her personal Twitter contains the official announcement. The “Love” crooner confesses, “I’m tackling celibacy this entire next year,” reads the quick tweet.

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Thus far, the Grammy-nominated talent continues to earn both personal and professional respect. Her focus remains diligent. The Bay area beauty is a mother and a businesswoman. She definitely possesses the resolve to maintain her celibacy goals.

Accordingly, the New Year’s Resolution is an obtainable feat. Keyshia Cole’s credible desire to sustain celibacy is definitely doable. Regardless, of the motivating factors, being celibate may come to fully service the incredible talent.

Finally, the full restoration of her energy may aid with her creative process. With more time focusing on the pen her craft may increase. Either way, KC is here to stay. Time will determine how long her celibacy will.