NORE’s Apology Not Enough For Killarmy, Shyheim…Beef Imminent!

Nore Wu-Tang

Nore and The Wu-Tang Affiliates were headed in a positive direction, but the talks have seemingly broken down.

UPDATE! Shyheim and Nore JUST TALKED…

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We patiently waited on Friday for there to be this grandiose apology to Killarmy, Shyheim, and others, but all we got was a muted response. Apparently, NORE spoke to Killah Priest – the original Jay Electronica – and the Drink Champs host reportedly said “sorry” for calling various Wu-Tang Clan affiliates “flunkies.” If you were not there, this may not be the situation for you to comment on. But, the Wu Fam was ridiculously large back in the day and DOPE. So, Shyheim, Sunz of Man, Killarmy, and others were not as big as Wu, but they definitely were not flunkies.

It seems like Nore determined that Killah Priest was the guy to apologize to get everybody in one fell swoop. That really did not work. Killah Priest talked to Shyheim. It was all jokes. Check it out.

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So, this thing is spiraling out of control. I don’t know if you actually watched it, but basically Shy says he’s not accepting the apology, especially since they say it was a “non-apology.” According to this, Nore admitted to being wrong, but didn’t actually say “sorry.” The other thing is, he didn’t reportedly offer to put the guys on his show, which is what I thought would happen. It didn’t.

My sources have told me that Nore may not be safe in New York now and a recent post suggests this.

I think this could have been fixed fairly easily.

  1. Get the so-called Wu-Affiliates on “Drink Champs
  2. Nore apologizes.
  3. Let them tell their stories.

That’s it! I know Shy mentioned some sort of monetary compensation, but I don’t think that was required. Anyway…uh…Dom of Killarmy fam said his next move is on the mic and in the booth. I don’t know if others will go that route, but I do know some are not worried about the rapping…more about the action.

I truly hope it does not get to the level of violence. I think this was all avoidable.

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Come on Guys!

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