Juelz Santana’s Wife Kimbella Booted From Her Home On Thanksgiving!?

They are not playing out here and Kimbella of Love & Hip-Hop caught a bad one…OR DID SHE?

(AllHipHop Rumors) Juelz Santana is still up north, serving time after he accidentally took a gun to the airport. While he is “out,” his family is trying to get it together and the rumor is that they were kicked out of their home on Thanksgiving Day. Once you get past the headline, the story changes a bit. They MAY have gotten kicked out, but it actually happened before turkey day. The only thing is, there is no proof of it from social media. IT looks like KImbella is living her best holiday life! Check it!

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What really happened was they were renting a mansion and they were $40k behind in back rent. Actually, it was some sort of rent-to-own situation. Instead of continuing, Kimbella agreed to vacate the premises. Keep your overhead low, people!