Kodak Black Posts Signed MAGA Hat: “Forever Trump!”

Donald Trump and Kodak Black

Kodak Black posts signed MAGA Hat: Forever Trump! Yep, that’s right. Boy, is this bootlicking or what? Please, come back!

A good entertainer’s actions will organically elicit a response. For example, take Kodak Black. Recently (on Dec. 15), the “Super Gremlin” spitter would post a signed MAGA hat.

In fact, MAGA — Make America Great Again — is a strategic slogan that former president Trump employs. Therefore, to many, the saying is synonymous with blatant bigotry. So, what’s the connect between the Project Rugrat and the Number 45?

Well, here’s an interesting fact. It should be noted, on January 21, Lil’ Black got his prison sentence commuted. Originally, he was serving a 46-month bid for weapons related charges. The commutation comes courtesy of The Donald.

Accordingly, the exact same day of his commutation signing, he is said to have been released. So now, 1K seems to posses an unyielding appreciation for the considerable act. As a “prominent artist and community leader,” his credible actions are reasons for the release, this according to BBC.

Under, that lens, it could make sense. So, is that why Kutthroat Bill posts incendiary content? To his Instagram account, he would add and then later delete, a shout out the alleged Top Insurrectionist.

Simply, the candid caption reads, “Forever Trump.” Momentarily, he sends a to shout out both Donald J. and Eric Trump. The crimson cap seems to contain the reality star’s autograph.

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Somebody check on Kodak Black!