Latto Blasts Body Shamers And Threatens To Post Their Pics!


Latto is about to put the game on two-player.

Recently, the “Big Energy” rapper vents her frustration. Back, on Tuesday (March 1), she candidly shares her thoughts. In fact, Latto blasts body shamers and threatens to post their pics!

From time to time, artists will boldly push past pleasantries. Rather, than ignoring, or redirecting negative comments, Big Latto is matching energy. As a matter of fact she does this very well. After, posting a TikTok video, the bootylicious babe encounters harsh criticism.

The Critique.

As All Access Media, reports concerned social media users openly dissect Latto’s derrière. For example, someone alleges that Ms. “No Hook” sports a “melting” BBL. While, another person mentions, “So this what it look 👀 like without the filter. Additionally, another individual likens her behind to the shape of an “airpod.”

Be that as it may, at 23, her self-assuredness is palpable. Instead of internalizing the hate, the “In n Out” spitter is clapping back. Yes, this is demonstrated both literally and figuratively.

The Reaction.

In fact, the charitable entertainer takes the time. She politely checks the caustic critics. A video montage uploaded to her IG stories speaks her truth. There, within the fifth clip, the “Muwop” rhymer unleashes her angst.

“Yeah last video DONT ever play w me,” she warns. Next, she gives the confident internet ogres a tip. “cause when I post y’all Ugly — insecure — internet trolls & see what the ppl got to say about y’all,” she adds, “u gone be crying & deleting that INSTAGRAM ACCT!”

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Ultimately, Latto continues to earn professional success. Stay focused, Boo.