Life Expectancy Drops Over The Whole U.S., With NYC Having The Biggest Dip

DJ Kay Slay

New Yorkers saw the biggest dip in life expectancy, due to Covid and how people dealt with the pandemic.

For the first time since World War II, the life expectancy of the average American dropped by about two years. In 2020, during the pandemic COVID-19, peoples expiration date was pushed back. The center for disease control and prevention, through its National Center for Health Statistics, published a report that said all U.S. states experienced a decline in life expectancy. The only exception was Washington DC, ironically (also not a state).

A lot of these changes were determined based on drugs and other unexpected circumstances that result in death. So, it wasn’t necessarily COVID-19, but how people dealt with those issues. Overdoses were bad bad. Sadly, New Yorkers have it the worse.

New York residents experience the biggest decline of any other state, according to the information. People are now expected to live three years less than previous years. I did not do a deep dive into it, but it looks to me like the farther you are from other human beings the longer you live. Hawaii experience the highest life expectancy. Overall, Mississippi only had a life expectancy of 71.9 years, so they defy my reasoning.

Obviously, Covid played a major role into this. More than 1 million people in the United States died of COVID-19 overall. The odd thing is, more people died from Covid in 2021 then in 2020. The opioid crisis has also contributed to the drop in life expectancy. Black people Latins saw more significant drops as it relates directly to Covid-19, but we already knew that. 

RIP Kay Slay and others that died from that deadly pandemic and those like Micheal K. Williams that struggled with drugs and isolation.