Lil Durk Baits LeBron & Bronny James To Come To Chicago Amid Infidelity Rumors

Lil Durk

Lil Durk is unbothered, per usual.

Lil Durk appears to be prioritizing his recruitment efforts to attract LeBron James and his son to the Chicago Bulls over clearing his name in an infidelity rumor pinning a love child on him.

In case you missed it, Lil Durk is currently facing allegations he was unfaithful to his longtime partner, India Royale, and subsequently fathered a child outside of their relationship.

However, Durk doesn’t appear to be too vexed by the allegations because he’s currently locked in on his attempts to bring the NBA champion and Lakers’ star player to Chi-Town. In a post he shared to his Instagram Story in the direct aftermath of the social media speculation, Lil Durk appears to bribe LeBron with a bag to bring his talents to Chicago.

“You and bronny come to Chicago bulls,” Lil Durk wrote in the DM he sent to James. “shid i’ll pay you if I got to.” Lil Durk added, “Idx if I got to go half @chicagobulls it’s time lol.”

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However, in the midst of Lil Durk doing his best Rich Paul impression, the internet was going wild. Even though rumors that Destini Phillip could be the mother of one of Lil Durk’s children has been floating around since as early as 2022, after a post went viral of Philip and her daughter, the tea on the situation appeared to be cold until recently.


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It all appears to have spilled over after a user on Twitter (X) shared a PDA video of Lil Durk and India Royale insinuating they were relationship goals. From there, a number of users reacted to the post, sharing their disapproval of the relationship and even alluding to the idea that Lil Durk was unfaithful to her and had a baby with another woman.

“I just be looking at them in disbelief because the entire world know he had a baby on you,” one person wrote. “That’s insane. I no longer see genuine pure love. This a facade it’s cute though.”

The jab appears to have landed and agitated India Royale, who then opted to throw her own counter haymaker blow in a rebuttal reply within the same tweet thread in which she seemingly references the post of Phillips and her daughter.

“The whole entire world doesn’t know a thing because it never happened,” she said. “People told her baby looked like mine so she joked about it. & Since it gave her clout she ran with it and y’all dusty ass believed her.”

A couple days after India Royale’s post, Phillip shared a tweet of her own and wound up fanning the flames of the scalding hot rumor.

“I was really trying my hardest to enjoy my vacation but yall bring this up every 3 months I can’t go another year on this topic I’ve spent the last 4 years of being attacked because I chose not to post my bd and the gag is I probably never will it’s not yall business,” she wrote in the tweet.

Lil Durk also appears to have nonchalantly swatted the validity of rumor down in a post he shared to his Instagram Story captioned with the message, “Can’t believe the rumors just go off facts.”

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