Lil Durk’s New Tats Give People The Shivers

Lil Durk - Golden Child (Official Video)

Lil Durk got several tats that has everybody talking, but does it go against his Muslim faith.

Remember that rumor I told you about? That Lil Durk was now Muslim? Yea, click here to read that.

I am going somewhere with this.

Lil Durk recently paid her to his fall and homeboys, King Von and D Thang. It’s very sad to see that these young guys are dying so fast. But Durk spared no expense or paying his respects.

First of all he got his legs tatted up in homage of both of his men. And then on top of that, he put language underneath some of which was in Arabic. Both sang rest in peace to those gentlemen.

And then, on the back he did some thing that looks extremely painful. He tattooed a huge skull on the back of his body. The skull reportedly took a full work day – eight hours!

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This is a skull of the heavy-metal variety, not something pretty. It is a tellin condemnation of the music in which makes these guys so rich and famous and yet also result in so much pain and death. Nevertheless it got everybody talking last night in our video didn’t go up until this morning because my Wi-Fi was down. Anyway, check out the link below and tell me what you think of it and is he being contradictory to his Muslim teaching with these images.

Some say he’s still a “k#### (unbeliever)” by Orthodox Muslim standards, because of the life he leads. Any Muslim brothers or sisters out there?

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