Lori Harvey Dating NDA With Men Has A Stiff Penalty

Lori Harvey

Lori Harvey is not the one as it relates to these men. It will cost you if you violate her.

Lori Harvey makes all her suitors sign a non-disclosure agreement before dating her. This legally binding agreement has a huge penalty for those that violate.

She has had several high-profile men like Future and Michael B. Jordan. Her step-dad is Steve Harvey. Anyway, I just wanted to mention that, because it speaks to the reason why she is so poppin’ right now. Anyway. She’s a beauty that has managed to keep her relationships private until she was going public with them. Personally, I wanted to see her and MBJ make it, but I knew better.

According to rumors, anyone she dates must sign a legally binding nondisclosure agreement.

This stems from a Media Take Out report that has gone viral.

No pics, no screen shots, no vids or video chats or other communication shall be shared with us, the nosey public. If they decide to do the dastardly deed of sharing anyway, they will pay.

One million-dollars is the penalty! Drake has a similar situation, according to the report. In fact, they allege it is the same Los Angeles law firm that drew up the agreement. “Anyone who wants to date Lori has to sign it,” the source told MTO. By the way, no man has owned signing the agreement. Why would they when they may be on the hook for a cool MILLI!?!

John Boyega, Damson Idris, Jonathan Majors and even her ex-boyfriend have all had links to Lori. She’s 25-year-old and hotter than fish grease!

I wish I was 26.