Did Meek Mill Kick Omelly Out Of Dream Chasers?

Kanye West


(AllHipHop Rumors) Uh oh!

Word on the curb is that Meek Mill may have kicked Omelly out of the Dream Chasers camp!

Meek and his first cousin Omelly allegedly had a big fight the night of Meek’s show at Drais in Las Vegas. Apparently Omelly approached Meek because he was frustrated about his career.

It seems like Meek has been carrying Omelly for a while, but Omelly allegedly feels like Meek is not doing anything for his career. Omelly supposedly feels like Meek always puts outside people before his career.

Rumor has it that the argument almost turned physical with Teefy Bey having to break it up. It looks like Omelly hasn’t been with Meek since Meek’s July 24th show at Drais.

Omelly posted a photo of him and Meek on his Instagram page yesterday with a caption that people felt like was taking a shot at Meek.

It turns out that Omelly was quoting Meek’s lyrics from the song “Issues.” The question is was Omelly using Meek’s own words against him?!

What are your thoughts?

“Yea I know mmmmhhmmmm he lame don’t ever bring that p#### boy up again #CUTDIFFERENT?? #DCxOWNBREED #DC4LIFE #RIPLILSNUPE #winsandlosses #WALKWITMEvol1 #LINKINMYBIO #COPTHAT,” posted Omelly.

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