¿Did A Mexican Drug Cartel REALLY Apologize For Killing Two Americans?

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Did a murderous Mexican drug cartel truly apologize for assaulting and murdering American citizens?

Wait a second. You mean to tell me in 2023 we have cartels apologizing for killing people? I’m not sure I can accept this as fact. I’m looking at some of your so-called websites and journalists and you guys are excepting this letter as fact.

Let’s back up a little bit. According to every publication on earth, two people were murdered down in Mexico by a drug cartel that thought they were trying to infringe on their territory. Two of the four people that lived, were sent back to United States. The other two, unfortunately were murdered in cold blood. There are a number of theories being floated around out there. Some say that, the cartel mistook the Americans for a sex trafficking mob (of four???). Others said it was drugs related, and others still said perhaps the people were down there buying drugs. Right now, we just don’t know. The story that the four Black people who were assaulted or killed, are sticking to is that they were there for cosmetic surgery. And the others that weren’t getting the surgery were supporting the individual that was.

This has been a whole mess! And, I can only imagine the impact that it has had on people coming into Mexico. And this is where my theory comes in. I have never in my life heard of a drug cartel issuing an apology letter. The prevailing thought around cartels is that they are heartless and ruthless, and don’t give a damn about who they killed. Especially in Mexico! Suddenly, we are making apologies?

Here is the letter for those that have yet to see it:

“We have decided to turn over those who were directly involved and responsible in the events, who at all times acted under their own decision-making and lack of discipline,” the letter reads, adding that those individuals had gone against the cartel’s rules, which include “respecting the life and well-being of the innocent.”

So, I believe that this letter was sent to the Associated Press through a law-enforcement source from the actual country of Mexico. Tourism is going to plummet after this. If it already hasn’t plummeted, it will plummet. I know, for a fact like people said, they are never going to Mexico again! We all saw the movie “Man On Fire” with Denzel, Washington! We know the Black people are not supposed to go to Mexico, and get murdered or kidnapped for ransom! I’m sorry, white people, but that is what happens to you guys!

So it is my theory that they decided to send this letter to smoothed over. There is another theory. The cartel knows that this will affect their business in a very adverse way, and they need to smooth it over. So, when somebody does mess up, they have been known to dismiss the individuals that did it. And when I say dismiss, I mean turn over to law-enforcement or kill them! Nevertheless, all parties included or not included, know that this is bad for business, whether that’s drugs, or tourism!

What do you think?

They need to change their name to the Compassionate Cartel, right?