Midget Rapper Gets Arrested In Fentanyl Ring

Luh Half

Pray for Luh Half. He may be caught up in a huge mess.

It seems like in order to be a rapper, you need to have an open case, actual criminal activities, a murder case or more! Well, I never heard of Luh Half until today. After learning about him, I found out he was a little person from St. Louis. Well he and another rapper Jizzle Buck were among 14 people that were arrested and charged with a rainbow coalition of charges.

Check this out….

Prosecutors say Jizzle Buck and Luh Half. who are both 25 years old, lead a criminal organization called the 55 Boyz. The Department of Justice accuses the group of drug trafficking and gun violence in the St. Louis area. Jizzle Buck, Luh Half and 12 others were charged with conspiring to distribute fentanyl. Certain defendants also face charges for fentanyl possession, fentanyl distribution, possession of a firearm in furtherance of a drug trafficking crime, conspiracy to tamper with a witness and more.

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As you may have noted, this is not new at all. But I find it amazing that the late great Bushwick Bill is no longer the only little person in rap. Check this out, dude can rhyme.

My dude is dope. And he ain’t really new at all.