Mystikal Allegedly Raped Woman Over $100 Dispute


The one-time Prince of the South is now an inmate. Mystikal has a serious rape allegation that reportedly started over $100.

The details of rapper Mystikal’s rape situation are starting to take shape. And sadly, the details are worse than the headlines. As you already know, mystical, real name Michael Taylor, it was arrested and booked at the Ascension Parish Jail. This is a result of a rape claim levied against him by his ex girlfriend. Now, we know that in the past this rapper, known for scores of hit songs, has had other incidents alleged of sexual assault and rape. But, the details of those situations were murky at best. So, he managed to beat a rape charge just last year. He even swore off groupies! It took a long time, but it was dismissed. Now, a year later or so he is under fire again.

Mystikal’s mug shot

However this time it is even worse! According to reports, Mystikal raped his girlfriend over $100. How true is this? I’m not quite sure but it does seem to be enough to have him denied bond and stay in prison. Also, we know that there’s more to these types of stories in the mere money. He’s got another type of problem. But the details say that she stole $100 from him and then he went off. The rapper began to act erratic and violent after beating her and yanking her braids out, according to the reports. Then they reportedly prayed together.

However, they must have been praying for different things. Because the woman went to the cops after that. And Mystikal was subsequently charged with first-degree rape, simple battery, felony domestic abuse and battery by strangulation! By the way, he is actually a registered sex offender because he was convicted in 2003. I did not know that!

This is really crazy. He reportedly made her pay him $150 back after he forced her to give him her phone. And then he allowed her to leave the house. When she left the house, she went to the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office and her bruises and cuts along with her damaged clothing, was enough. She told the cops he even picked up a pair of scissors and threatened her. She said he spit in her face and threw rubbing alcohol on her because she needed to cleanse the bad spirits from her. This is pretty crazy! Maybe HE was possessed?

We should have listened when he said…

A formal hearing is on the way, but for now this rapper will be in jail.