Nas’ Baby Mama Ethers Cam’ron!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Lawd Nas’ baby mama, Carmen Bryan, has certainly had a lot to say 20-some-odd years later.

First she decided to open up about cheating on Nas with Jay Z, and allegedly once being pregnant with Jay’s child before she miscarried. She also called Jay Z insecure and had a number of other things to say about about both Hip Hop moguls.

Now she’s had time to go in on Cam’ron in another released clip from her chopped up interview with DJ Vlad.

“You know what, I have no respect for Cam’ron. I think he’s a total d##### bag. Honestly I don’t even want to talk about him,” said Carmen.

Vlad replied saying,

“Awwwww right because Cam’ron had the verse about your daughter.”

Carmen took time to expand on her issues with Killa Cam.

“Honestly I was referring to what he said about Nas’ mom who had passed away. He made very disparaging comments about her. What he said about Destiny and I, I was like oh you clown. Monkey see, monkey do. I could care less. I don’t remember exactly what he said, but he had some really negative things to say. Cam’ron’s a clown. He’s a d##### bag. He’s disgusting. He’s illiterate, and he can’t rhyme to save his life. He’s not worth me talking about to be honest with you. Cam’ron been a Nas d-ck rider from jump. Cam’ron was always sweating Nas. Cam’ron used to try to get into my girl circles to get close to Nas. That’s how desperate and pathetic he was,” said Carmen.

Carmen confirms that Cam’ron had nothing to do with any Nas beef, and he just inserted himself in that. Nas had rapped disrespectful comments about Nas and Carmen’s daughter and Nas’ mom; he took it too far.

Carmen expresses that she was happy and fulfilled when he got his karma when 50 Cent came on the scene and destroyed Cam.

Oh lawd. Carmen also stated that she felt like Nas won the battle but lost the war when he signed to Jay Z later on in his career. What are your thoughts about all of Carmen’s recent statements?

I wonder what Nas and Jay have to say about all of this. Y’all know Cam will probably respond to this girl. LOL.