Nas Finally Reveals His Magical Master Plan!

Nas and Hit-Boy

Nas and Hit-Boy have had an incredible run, which will soon come to an end. Read about it here!

The rapper Nas has formally announced the finale. And we now know what that finale is. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to realize the symmetrical nature of his and Hit-Boy’s projects. Well, those projects are now coming to a conclusion.

They have made remarkable strides together, and now Magic Part Three comes out on Nas‘s birthday. What an amazing accomplishment, these two have done together, effectively bridging the gap and resuscitating each other’s careers. Hit-Boy was a phenomenal talent before he linked up with Nas, but he was somewhat on the fringes and not known as a rapper either. Now, he is a legend in several ways. Nas, on the other hand, has completely resuscitated his career and really found his creative stride! He’s absolutely about to overtake this Goat conversation completely.

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I mean, honestly, I wish the other goats would step up to the table a little bit and challenge his supremacy, but it seems like they are content with letting him run amok. Competition in Hip-Hop has always priced more greatness. At any rate, I can’t wait to hear what this is gonna sound like, and absolutely adore the fact that it’s all taking place during Hip-Hop‘s 50th anniversary!

I can’t say more in regard to the praises that he deserves for stepping up and stepping out in this capacity. If we’re going to celebrate Hip-Hop as an art form, and as a culture, we have to understand that there are no limits, and that includes age. Nas is definitely showing everybody how to do this with class, grace and creativity!

Enjoy the other two!

If you are still reading, then you know I previously reported that Nas was making NEW music that did NOT include Hit-Boy. Some of you might be thinking “AHA, illseed was wrong!” Was I though? Stay tuned on that, because my sources are saying that this is all a part of Nas’s REAL master plan. Magic 2 just came out July 21! He has something else in the chamber and he’s likely got a full clip alllllll ready!

Stay tuned!