Exclusive: Nas Prepping New Music—Without Hit-Boy


Nas is WORKING! The veteran rapper is rumored to be working on new music after just dropping “Magic 2.”

Without question rapper, Nas is one of the goats of Hip-Hop. The Queensbridge, native, and New York king has put out an inconceivably lengthy number of albums recently partnering with producer, Hit-Boy, he has gotten things done in a major way, and proven that older school artists are able to compete creatively as they get older. The old adage that it’s only a young men’s or young women’s sport is dead.

But that is not the rumor.

The rumor is that God’s Son is now working on new music already. Bro JUST released a new album with Lil Hit, Magic 2. That was a dope album, but there were some grumblings that people wanted to hear Nasir on other beats. Sources have heard this music and say it is amazing. In fact, they say it is spectacular. Beyond dope! What does that mean with a rapper like Nas? Hard to say. However, I can say this: he is not letting up. If there are any arguments about who holds the crown, Nas is changing that narrative one project at a time.

I know Jay-Z HAS to be looking at his former nemesis’s work rate in awe! I wish 50 Cent had brought the pain on that song he and Nas did. I am hoping that Nas and Hit-Boy finish the triology with a Magic 3 project. That would be a nice full-circle moment. Then, let us hear what he and Preemo and do!