New York Post Writes Slander Piece About DMX As He Clings To Life


The New York Post goes for broke…

The New York Post is one publication I regard as a news source of ill repute. However they took the cake today in a recent report about DMX. As the entire globe mourns (perhaps prematurely), DMX is fighting for his life. His loved ones, his family, his friends and us fans are all rooting for him to live. We are sending him and them nothing but positive energy.

However, in the world of Clickbait journalism, SEO, analytics and general poor taste, The New York Post took the time to slander DMX in an ambush piece of crap. They wrote a whole article about DMX his various real estate properties and the financial state of the rapper. The whole thing is pointless, but they felt it was important enough to publish at this critical time in his life.

This is remains a Black-owned, Hip-Hop owned publication that has respect for the culture as well as empathy for the people in it. This piece here shows that the New York Post has no taste, no class, and is barely human. They gotta be A.I. bots over there! It really makes no sense why they would write such a piece. There are in numerable stories to be told about DMX and his real estate and financial snap shot is not really something anybody is checking for unless you are evil or something.

Maybe sometime in the past, DMX did something to this publication or the editors and this is a good time to get back at him. Who knows. Either way, it’s a really poor example of taste and even revenge, if that is what it is. It would be the ultimate cowardly act of vengeance if this is that.  They had plenty time to diss him when he was awake! I wasn’t going to say anything but legendary DJ Pooh actually put it up and I decided to follow suit. It just rattles the soul and baffles the brain to see somebody do something like this. Yeah. I said it. 

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