Nicki Minaj May Have To Pay Up If Wig Maker Wins Appeal Case


Photo via Nicki Minaj’s Instagram

Nicki Minaj may have to pay up if her former wig maker Terrence Davidson wins his appeal case in his $30 million dollar lawsuit. The appeal court has ordered the case to be re-opened due to them believing Davidson has a case against the rapper for allegedly stealing his wig designs. Davidson claimed he created the wigs that made Nicki a star and accused her of cheating him out of millions. Terrence is still claiming that Nicki took his wig designs and then sold them to the public. Nicki is still accusing Terrence of filing the legal battle because he was bitter he lost his most famous client and said he can’t trademark a wig style and therefore she didn’t do anything wrong by selling her wigs. The appeal court came back with their decision and sided with Terrence, explaining that following their review of the lawsuit and the order dismissing the case by the previous judge, they have determined the lawsuit will be re-opened and Terrence can continue the legal battle. The appeal court believes that while Nicki and Terrence had no written contract that doesn’t mean the rapper could steal his designs and sell them on her own. We wonder will Nicki have to drop a few coins in the end.