Rapper Indian Red Boy Gets Murdered Live On IG Live, Allegedly Over Nipsey Hussle Diss

Nipsey Hussle Mural

Indian Red Boy made a critical mistake that lead to his death on IG Live.

My god. Where are we going people? Indian Red Boy is a rapper I had never heard of previously, but that does not mean he is unimportant. He is now dead and people are talking about him in ways nobody could have imagined. Indian Red Boy, real name Zerail Dijon Rivera of Inglewood, California, was on his IG Live enjoying his life, chatting it up when all hell broke loose.

The familiar, repetitive sound of “pop,” “pop,” “pop” rang out…and they didn’t stop. Multiple shots rang out and Zerail Dijon Rivera aka Indian Red Boy gurgled some words “get help” before slumping. He was gone. The video is something I would not have normally watched but I did. And, it is horrible. I was truly disturbed at what I saw. Needless to say, he did not make it.

I immediately asked “Why would this happen?!?” This is where the rumors kick in. It seems like there may have been some disrespect levied against Nipsey Hussle from the young rapper. This is speculation and does not justify murder. But….that is what the streets are saying.

If you want to see it, look. below. But…I do no advise it. Many of the other links are being taken down. Most of the links I saw were removed.

Here is a news report of the incident:

Anyway, dude was a Blood so there’s that.

According to reports, he was shot in the face. You can see that in the video. the crazy thing is that dude must have thought it was sweet because he was at some sort of family event in broad daylight. This went down around 4pm! A walk-by shooting. “A man in his 20s dead tonight after being shot in the face,” the reporter said.

Even though he was murdered in this way, he was not totally hated. There were numerous tributes in the aftermath of his horrific slaying.

I am now going down the YouTube rabbithole.

Just let Nip rest in peace!