Normani Served Sapphic Sex Appeal at the VMAs, Boosie Remarkably Silent


Well, sir? No comments?

Before we say anything else, let’s just say that Normani is everything.

It seems to be an act of irrefutable injustice that Camila Cabello can caterwaul her way to a starring role on an Amazon movie while pretending to be involved with Shawn Mendes, while it took Normani’s fans threatening everything but a revolution to get her to perform at last night’s VMAs.

Not that Normani needs it, because she’s living her best life anyway. And, as we previously told you, she gave one of the best performances of the night when she performed “Wild Side” while giving Teyana Taylor a lapdance.

Nothing but the Sapphic sexiness was in attendance with this performance. And not for anything, but that girl can dance.

But here’s what’s interesting: you know who had absolutely nothing to say about all this? Boosie. Yep — the same man who had so much smoke for Lil Nas X, and accused him of nearly everything but capital murder, suddenly doesn’t have a damn thing to say about same-sex relationships when it’s two women loving on one another. You’re not worried about “the kids” now, Mr. Badazz?

I’m surprised he’s not trying to hire them for his kids. (Or are we not allowed to mention that? Whoops.)