OBlock Member, ARoy’s Fatal Shooting Captured On FB Live


Sadly, the fatal shooting of OBlock Member, ARoy, was recently captured on a Facebook Live broadcast. Yesterday, the young man lost his life.

Life is precious. Life is fleeting. Often, split decisions lead to dire ramifications. Yesterday afternoon(Dec. 13), OBlock member, ARoy was fatally shot within the Parkway Gardens complex.

Often, impoverished mindsets woefully trap complacent individuals. As with Chicago’s OBlock neighborhood, a seemingly fair fight ends in untimely loss of life. First off, ARoy physically triumphs over his opponent.

However, the young man did not realize his life was in jeopardy. A Facebook Live video purports the ending of the fight. A shirtless ARoy walks away from his mortal adversary. This proves fatal.

As opposed to accepting defeat, the unknown assailant makes a deadly decision. From his waistband a gun is pulled. Next, several shots ring out. Sadly, ARoy sustains multiple gunshots. 


To add more insight, Spot News shares intimate details.

In addition to this tragedy, Say Cheese TV reports that the woman who released the FB Live footage has been attacked. Misplaced angst has gone awry.


As, ARoy’s family and friends continue to mourn, AllHipHop sends its deepest condolences. May he eternally rest in peace.