Oprah Claps Back At Critics Over Donald Trump Comment Backlash


(AllHipHop Rumors) Even Mama O has to be very careful about what she tweets!

It’s pretty evident that most are not here for the fact that Donald Trump has been elected president.

Oprah isn’t here for him either, but her attempt to promote peace, hope, and positivity while accepting “what we got” backfired.

During a Facebook Live event promoting director Ava Duverney’s 13th Netflix documentary, Oprah took some time out to respond to the backlash she’s been receiving for her recent tweet that promoted optimism as we are forced to go forward into Trump’s presidency.

Oprah originally posted a photo of Obama and Trump next to each other with a tweet that said,

“Everybody take a deep breath! #HopeLives!”

Lady O clarified that her tweet was about having hope during the transition of power, and not her backing Trump.

Oprah stated that she couldn’t breathe after the election because she expected tension and strain. She says that when she saw Trump and Obama being gracious to each other is when she felt she could breathe.

She went on to call her tweet a mistake though.

I think even the most optimistic people can’t help but to be negative with this upset of an election.