Peep Who Is Writing A Book About Tupac!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Let us pray that Jada gets it right and does Pac justice.

Although Tupac’s biopic, ‘All Eyez On Me’ came in third at the box office during the first week of it’s release. The reviews have certainly been mixed, with there being more negative reviews than positive.

One of Pac’s close friends, actress Jada Pinkett-Smith also gave some harsh criticism of the film, as she revealed that much of the film’s depiction of her relationship with Tupac was fictional.

Now Jada has revealed that she’s been inspired to write her own version of Pac’s life as what she hints at possibly being a Tupac biography.

“There’s so much off Pac’s story that wasn’t told; there’s still so much left. It probably has encouraged me. I see how hungry people are to know about Pac, and how people will just consume anything about him. I think it might be time for me to write a book, and time for me to gather those that I know that had a very special relationship to Pac and encourage them to do the same,” said Jada.

Well for some reason, I truly believe Jada may get it right, or at least gather a solid team of individuals that can bring his true story to light, even if she partners with a co-author. I still kind of feel like we need another Pac biopic. what are your thoughts?

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