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It looks like beef has broken out between Pete Rock and Canibus, but there is more to this than meets the eye. Look at that that happened today…here:

Update: Canibus’s manager reached out to say that Canibus has no beef at all. In fact, he said he finds it funny, but does not “involve himself in any of this nonsense.”

Hopefully his is the end of it.

The old stuff is below.

I do not know what just happened, but a digital fight broke out on Twitter. This time, it’s between two veterans: Canibus and DJ Pete Rock. As you already know, both of these men are legends beyond measure. Pete Rock is the architect of the New York sound, along with numerous others including DJ Premier. And Bis is one of the fiercest battle rappers that the rap game has ever seen.

Recently, Canibus has seen a resurgence. He’s done a few albums and he’s done some feature appearances with people like RJ Payne. That said, he did a project, C, with Pete Rock or so we thought. On Twitter today Pete Rock said outright that he had nothing to do with the latest songs Canibus and his team put out into the marketplace. He really put the songs down completely and even explicitly stated that he has finished all interactions with the rapper. Pete’s exact words were, ““This right here sealed your fate with me.” Strong words.

Before I continue, Canibus spoke very highly of Pete Rock in our exclusive interview rooted in this new album.

So, why the big beef?

As far as I know Canibus has not responded in any way shape or form. He definitely has not said anything on Twitter regarding this issue. But his manager M80 has. This may be where the beef really lies. He refuted just about everything that Pete Rock had to say about the matter. He produced, on Twitter, receipts and correspondence between him and Pete Rock. Mainly, he shot at Pete Rock’s assertion that he had nothing to do with it. He showed that Pete Rock was paid money for his involvement with the project.

Now whether or not those are authentic, will be shown at some point I am sure.

Why? Because M 80 has now confirmed a lawsuit is on the way. He plans to sue for libel and defamation, because he says Pete has made it sound like they were nefariously misrepresenting his involvement in this latest album.

LIBEL: a published false statement that is damaging to a person’s reputation; a written defamation.

DEFAMATION: the action of damaging the good reputation of someone; slander or libel.

You might be familiar with that law. Shoot, this is what Johnny Depp is alleging in his lawsuit. It basically says you cannot maliciously disparage someone in good standing in print or verbally. Anyway this is explosive news and I hope it doesn’t take away from what Canibus has going on because he really is making some impressive strides forward with his career and his comeback. He’s a good guy!

However, Pete seems really upset that his name is attached to this project and I’m wondering why it took so long because it has been out for quite some time so we’ll have to see more. I’m just here with the popcorn at this point.

Here are some of the tweets flying around.

Anybody else think this could be a publicity stunt? It just feels so weird! Anyway, get money!

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