Pop Smoke’s Murder Conspiracy Put Family Of Late L.A. Rapper Found In Malibu In Danger

The deceased LA rapper was found naked, with a gunshot wound in his head.

According to the father of the deceased Los Angeles-bred rapper who was discovered in a barrel on a Malibu beach and now apparently the police, the victim had nothing to do with Pop Smoke’s murder.

Just a few weeks ago, the discovery of Javonnta Murphy went viral after his remains washed ashore. Murphy was reportedly naked and had a gunshot wound in his head. Murphy has since been identified as the brother of Jaquan Murphy—one of the original suspects in Pop Smoke’s murder case who has been cleared of his involvement. Shortly after news of Murphy’s remains broke, several news outlets reported the murder was allegedly the result of retaliation for Jaquan’s unconfirmed involvement in Pop Smoke’s murder. And apparently, the conspiracy came down from the LAPD, who assured members of the community the connection between the two cases was strong.

Turns out it may have all been a dangerous reach, and Javonnta’s father—Javonnie Murphy—is speaking out. not only claims his son had nothing to do with Pop Smoke’s murder, but he also claims that social media and the news cycle circulating the conspiracy theory are putting his family’s lives at stake.

“My family is in jeopardy right now I think by people saying all this,” Javonnie said. “My son had nothing to do with no Pop Smoke so I don’t know where all this is coming from. I really don’t.”

L.A. County Sheriff’s Homicide Detectives have also backed up Javonnie’s claims and released a statement denying Murphy’s murder and Pop Smoke’s murders are connected.

While there’s still so much unknown about the case, it’s definitely unfortunate this family is suffering from both the weight of losing a loved one, and the accusatory finger-waving abuse dolled out by overzealous Pop Smoke fans.

Watch the full news report below.

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