Is This Proof That One Of Usher’s Herpes Accusers Is Lying?


(AllHipHop Rumors) This Usher herpes scandal is getting out of hand!!!!

The allegations of the first alleged lawsuit and settlement/ payment seemed scandalous but at least possible.

Now there have been a list of other accusers against Usher to step forward with some being represented by ambulance-chasing attorney Lisa Bloom.

Usher’s herpes scandal turned into a meme-filled social media fiasco with a lot folks originally believing it was all true. All most folks could say was damn Usher.

Well if folks weren’t on “Ursher Baby’s” side originally, they certainly are after the press conference one of his accusers, Quantisia Sharpton, did.

Most of social media doesn’t believe Usher ever tapped that because the woman is extremely overweight.

Quantisia claims once upon a time she engaged in sexual contact with Usher after her 19th birthday, and Usher never warned her that he had any sexually transmitted diseases.

She says that although she has tested negative for the STD, she feels like Usher violated her rights and health by not disclosing his health status to her.

We don’t believe you girl! Her account just feels like she’s lying, but it gets even better, apparently the girl is scammer, and she allegedly tried to bring August Alsina down with lies before.

According to Famelous, she allegedly called her friends to brag about the lies. Apparently August Alsina was her first victim, but the media didn’t pick it up, and after she was caught lying, she tried to say she was just joking. She allegedly lied and told people that she was pregnant by August and that she worked at Def Jam…..all lies.

Apparently Quantisia is broke and is doing all of this for attention and money. Other lies that she supposedly told are her having twins, being in a relationship with Luke James and Keith Powers, and that she supposedly “ran a train” on August.

At this point, I think it’s bigger than scamming; I think it’s mental illness! Check out some of the receipts from Fameolous below!

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