Pusha T Breaks Down His Gripping Lana Del Rey IG Picture

“Who ordered Diet Coke that’s a joke, right?”

Pusha T is dope. Often, his pristine body of work arouses a provocative response. Be that as it may, he emphatically breaks down his gripping Lana Del Rey Instagram picture.

Recently, the compelling wordsmith helped to initiate a cultural conversation. Often, his entrenched perspective resonates with the world. So, Lana’s provocative photograph is definitely serving up his stance.


Actually, Cocaine’s Dr. Seuss euphemistically taps the anti-Pop princess. Yes, the outcome is emphatic brilliance; art ensues. Regardless, of the en trend metaphor or popular adjective, Terrar flexes his artistry.

In fact, a crumbled white substance obliterates Lana’s face. Be that as it may, the Lust For Life album cover welcomes a well-suited double-entendre. Previously, Del Rey has openly discussed her foray into the world of decadent dependence on both drugs and alcohol. Indeed, the lyrical chemist beautifully blends the experience.

In other words, King Push decides to reveal his thought process to Rolling Stone. “Musically, I think Lana Del Rey speaks to the same subject matter, but just on different ends of it,” he says. Additionally, Pusha T contends, “You can hear remnants of drug indulgence and addiction. So it’s like, ‘Man, why not?’ I thought it made sense.”

Thus far, Lana Del Rey has yet to publicly address Mr. Thornton’s Instagram post. Following, the shared photo, the “Cook It Down” MC talks more surprising news. “One of the heads of Interscope called right after the picture came out and asked me to get on a remix,” insists Push. “I forgot which song, but I’m still waiting for them to send it over,” he adds.