R. Kelly Fans Find A Way For Him To Still Make Music

R. Kelly

R. Kelly has some serious fans and they have devised an ingenious way for him to make his time in jail productive. 👀


R. Kelly fans have lost it! As you know R. Kelly has been incarcerated and sentenced for 30 years in prison. They have hit him with the Rico! He ran a criminal enterprise there in slaved black women and girls sexually. That’s very bad! And there’s nothing that’s going to save him at this point. He has a couple other court dates that will add on to his jail term, most likely. However, he has a Fanbase that is like no other, save Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj. He even has a friend in Lil Boosie.

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Despite all of his crimes against women and girls, his fanbase is looking to get him a music program that will allow him to continue to make music. This intrigues me. First of all, what kind of music is R. Kelly going to make from prison? Will it be about being a slave in jail? Will it be about prison food, prison life, working out in the yard? Or will it be about what he was talking about when he was out in the world? I have so many questions! At any rate, they have started a full petition that they hope will be enacted to allow him to make music while in jail.

Now, there’s no way he’s going to financially benefit from this. But, some say that if he makes money, it could actually go to a worthy cause. On top of that, maybe he just puts old good music. I don’t know! I actually think that this type of situation only could result in more pain and anguish from the victims, their families, and also sets a precedent for other criminals to find creative ways to lessen their own suffering.

I think dude needs to pay the price and there should be very little leniency, if any. When you look at the details of this petition, it really has no details to it it’s extremely sparse and does not plead any real substantial case for R. Kelly.

Allow R&B singer R.KELLY to be included in a Prison music Program

Why is this important?

R.kelly can continue to make music for his fans tell his story behind bars

This is all it was. R. Kelly to his fans:

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Yall can do better.