Rapper Blasts Capitol Records, TikTok And Also FN Meka: “How Racist Are You?”

FN Meka

The windfall over FN Meka isn’t over yet. Rapper @T_DUBB_O has something to say about the systems that allowed the virtual rapper to get his deal.

You think the blowout over FN Meka is over?

Rapper T-Dubb-O has been around a long time and he’s got something to say.

T-Dubb O Talks Obama Meeting, Leading St. Louis Forward, Being A Revolutionary & New Music

If you see the headline, you can see he has a pretty serious history as an artist and as “revolutionary in training.” ANYWAY, brother has serious skills as an artist and he is also very outspoken.

Capitol Records dropped FN Meka and that is cool. They are to be commended for that. But how did they even get there to begin with? Yes, there are some clear reasons: 10 million followers on social media. But look at this:

Here, the virtual rapper is talking about police brutality and not being a snitch. How corny can you get?

Back To T-Dubb-O:

T-Dubb-O has been rapping for years. Dope for years. And yet, he gets banned from TikTok. He went hard at Capitol and other plantation platforms. Here’s what he wrote on IG…another one of those platforms.

Yo @capitolrecords@capitolmusic @CapitolCMG words aren’t enough You want to show your sincerity to the Blk community? You gave the white robot screaming n#### a💰right? Drop a bag on a blk youth arts program in the cities with the highest murder rates. That’s how you apologize. Anything that promotes our downfall to addiction, violence, miseducation, poverty, etc is never a problem. The moment you use your words to stand up to white supremacy and promote blk liberation and unity you are shadow banned and content removed. I’m currently banned from @tiktok for my videos promoting blk unity as well as education. These social platforms are racist but they need us to thrive. Demand content promoting blk liberation and exposing systemic oppression be uncensored. They remove our voice to silence our struggle. 

He had more to say in the video and he makes a compelling argument.

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How do we move forward?

Ahhh start by reading this interview with T-Dubb-O!