Remy Ma to Shook Rappers: Nobody Don’t Play With Me!

Got Bars? If so, then this isn’t for you. Remy Ma addresses all the uncertain MCs. Telling them, “Don’t nobody play wit me!”

If nothin else, Remy is confident. Simply put, her pen is a problem. So when, the “ShEther” rhyme-slayer stops by Big U’s Checc’n In podcast, she definitely continues to radiate self-assuredness. There she unequivocally states, “Nobody don’t play with me.”

Pertaining to her pen’s prowess, the “Conceited” wordsmith shares her unadulterated truth. Regardless of gender the “Lean Back” lyricist is ready for any of her Hip-Hop peers. “Cause my pen really go. They know; nobody don’t play with me. Even guys.”

Truly, the Bronx Bomber has faith in her skills. She goes on to explain, “People call me and they’re like, ‘You need to do some features. No girl wants to be on a song with me. Especially if she up! She don’t want Remy Ma on a song.”

To sum it up, the “Whateva” spitter, stands firmly atop her verbal dexterity. The multifaceted entertainer goes on to complete her statement. She then offers, “They know what’s gon’ happen and the same thing goes for guys. A guy don’t wanna call me to get on a song ’cause he knows what’s gonna happen!”

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Listen. the “GodMotherMC stays ready.

Remy Ma, the “GodMother” MC is not playing any games.