Did Angry White Women Tear Up Los Angeles Over Roe V. Wade?

white woman

It looks like white women are mad about something they helped create!

Roe? V. The Wade.

The Supreme Court of the United States has overturned Roe Wade, in a landmark decision that will probably redefine the times. I don’t know about you, but this is another step into the matrix called America.

Also this week they created the opportunity for complete lawlessness to occur in New York City and other places. Now they can walk around with concealed weapons in New York without legal repercussion if all their paperwork and stuff is right. How crazy is that? Also there is now no separation between church and state apparently.

Anyway, yesterday Los Angeles and New York were a complete zoo. Both places had huge protest marches and rioting. Now, these riots were not led by people of color, as is often portrayed in the news. This time, the lawlessness was whites. I do not watch the news the way used to, because it quite frankly brings my whole soul down. But if I were to watch it I doubt I would see the level of reporting on white perpetrators the way we saw black rioters and looters being portrayed incessantly over and over and over.

However, this Roe v. Wade situation has white women up in arms. Remember, back in the day, when Donald Trump was running for president and it was time to vote. About 50% of all white women voted for Donald Trump. And then when he was elected, those same white women protested his presidency. How’s Sway?

So here we go again! Now this is not too dis-white women, or fire shots at them. But we have to look at the hypocrisy of our times in the situation. The reason why Roe v. Wade was struck down is because several Trump appointed judges were put in the Supreme Court. And they in turn made decisions that affect us all. Most notably Black women. But, we have to also remember how this even got to be. Part of it is that white people and white women voted for him in the first place. I’m not talking about anything local, just the presidency.

And now this country is like a mental health zoo. The inmates are running the asylum.