Rumor Bites: Chrisean Rock Fights, Math Hoffa vs China Mac, Trans Trickery & Cam’ron’s Fur


Blueface and Chrisean keep the drama high with a new fight. Math Hoffa and China Mac talk to their phones. And Cam’ron upsets PETA with his hood chic.


Math Hoffa and China Mac got into it on the Internet. They sat there and disagreed over a bunch of gobley goop! I don’t know what to make of it sometimes. First of all, it seems like China Mac got upset because Hoffa called him a visitor to Hip-Hop. It seems as though something prior to that upset him and then the battle rapper retarded. Anyway, I just find it interesting that the hardest of the hard in this game of ours are out here duking it out over Instagram live and front facing camera’s it’s crazy to me! And we expect the kids to do better? Anyway, it’s all about getting attention and getting the algorithm lit up. So, I guess I can’t be but so mad. But it was so weird hearing them call each other by their government names. 

I think China Mac realized this wasn’t it, so he removed the video off IG. Well, the internet does what it does and edits too. So here’s the edited version of the video he originally posted.

What in the Zamunda is Cam’ron wearing?

He rocked this in the bodega AND also at the Drake concert in Harlem. 

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Chrisean Rock gets in a fight with a pair of girls that tried to mess with Blueface. 

Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t Chrisean Rock preggers? Isn’t it safe to say this is likely Blueface’s baby? He denies it, but I think that if Maury gets involved, this is going to be his baby. Moving on. We have seen at LEAST two times when Crazy Chrisean gets into a fight or a scuffle while with a bun in the belly. What the hell is wrong with this girl? Are we going to sit here and watch her die or get this baby in her stomach killed? I am not sure she needs to have a baby as she is right now. At any rate, have at it. Here’s the “fight.”

Trans activist says Aretha Franklin’s “Natural Woman” cause harm?

This is pretty crazy, but I can let you know that this is just a hoax. They were some sort of troll account on Twitter. In fact, they reclassified themselves as a “parody” account today. Mad corny!

This is before the drama: 


After the drama:

Image 1-23-23 at 10.00 PM.jpg

They did get a few followers, but mostly still a DUD!