Rumor Has It Dr. Dre Is About To Drop A New Album!

dr. dre

Dr. Dre is up to something! And that something is a new album according to Illseed!

Dr. Dre!

We have a tip for y’all!

You can pretty much take this all the way to the bank! We already know that Dr. Dre is going to be the cornerstone of the next Super Bowl halftime show:

Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige and Kendrick Lamar to play Super  Bowl halftime show

Well, it won’t be enough to have a celebration with Snoop Dogg, Mary J Blige, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar and the good doc in the Roc Nation-fueled halftime party. It looks as if we are about to get a new album from Dr. Dre!

I have heard from two reliable sources that Dr. Dre is going to release another album this month! DECEMBER! 2021! That actually will pre-date the Super Bowl festivities so that when we do party like it’s 1999 and all the nerds catch on, the album will already be out! Now, is the question how will this happen!?!

I am being told by said sources that the album will come out through Grand Theft Auto, the tremendously popular video game. It will not come out like a normal album on streaming services, at least not immediately from what I hear. Now that could be partially wrong, but I do know that it will be a part of this video game staple. Now, we have been waiting forever for an album from the good doctor. Detox may be a memory, however, I will take this! This is amazing! By the way, there were rumors that he was working on Detox earlier this year. You think all those pics in the studio were all fun and games?

I have been waiting forever to get some new music from Dr. Dre! I am hoping that the all-star cast is also a part of the project. You guys already know this, the music industry is not what it used to be. Also, the record labels are now in control of the various digital service providers. This venture is a way for him to cut out the middleman and go straight to the masses. The video game industry is bigger than pornography. It generates billions and billions and billions of dollars. I actually believe this may take Dr. Dre into clear and present billionaire status. It’s a way to monetize in a real fashion.

That said, what do you think about this?

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