Rumors: After Diddy Default, Howard University Sees Increased Financial Support


Sources say Howard University never got that cool million from Diddy and now the community has stepped up to support the HBCU.

As we’ve established, Diddy Combs attended the esteemed Howard University. Although he never graduated, he was once the pride and joy of the college. However, now he seems to be a source of shame and sorrow. The school said Diddy is “no longer worthy to hold the institution’s highest honor.” The school recently revoked his honorary degree and returned the $1 million donation he had given. They also said keep the 2023 million that was never honored. But did he actually give that money to them?

Much was made of this donation because $1 million is a significant amount. For someone to return that, it would be a big deal. Most historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) face financial challenges in raising funds and getting support, so $1 million would have been a substantial contribution. However, it turns out – inside sources say – they never actually received the money. So, that means they never got the first million or the second million either, if this is true.

I have read the statement from the school multiple times, and while it implies that they gave the money back, it essentially says they do not want any of the money now. With all of his legal troubles, it does not appear that they would even be able to receive those funds. On the positive side, there is now an overwhelming groundswell of support from alumni and others who are donating money to make up for the loss.

Diddy’s Honorary Degree Revoked by Howard University

Howard University is one of the top schools in the nation and one of the prominent HBCUs in the country. Back in the day, Biggie and Diddy would go there and perform (see above video). I bet that was a lot of fun! Although these days may not be as vibrant as back then, the students at the school now are still amazing, and I hope they continue to receive support from around the world. This is not intended to paint Diddy in a poor light but rather to show support for Howard!

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