Russell & Ciara Wilson Won’t Abide By Social Media’s List Of “Date Night” Restaurant Rules

Russell Wilson and Ciara

Russell Wilson got himself a keeper.

Either women today have really high expectations or Russell Wilson got extra lucky when he married his Waffle House Queen, Ciara.

No matter the case, the husband and wife duo are actively breaking the viral “date night” restaurant rules manifesto circulating on social media. As many of my fellas may know, we are currently being bombarded over the head with literal laundry lists of restaurants that women have declared as “unacceptable” for a first date.

Of the eateries on that lists are fairly well-known spots such as Cheesecake Factory—which we all know Drake immortalized in 2016 on his fan-favorite record “Child’s Play.” So the fact this generation of females don’t mess with the factory is mind-boggling to me!

However, it appears as Wilson and Ciara are here to turn the tides. During their recent date night, the Bronco’s quarterback rented out an entire Waffle House for his queen—not to mention on her birthday. And of course, the R&B singer was ecstatic and extremely pleased and thankful for the gesture.

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While I don’t believe most fellas don’t have the ability to do this for their misses, it’s the thought that counts! And Ciara just proved that. Something still tells me we aren’t getting off that easy and that sooner, rather than later, haters will come for them.

If you haven’t by now, make sure to stop by your local Waffel House location extremely late at night/early in the morning. I hear that’s when you get the best service and entertainment—if you catch my drift.