Russell Simmons Dragged For Series Of Questionable “Yoga” Instagram Posts

Russell Simmons

Unc Rush needs to tighten up, for real! The feds are literally watching, no Future!

Russell Simmons needs a social media manager ASAP based on how he’s getting dragged for progressively posting side-eye-inducing content.

In a brief recap of Simmons’ perceived IG debauchery, he’s recently shared videos of The Player’s Club star LisaRaye McCoy dancing like GloRilla and Megan Thee Stallion’s “Wanna Be” just dropped, in addition to two semi-cringe videos of himself with his incredibly youthful-looking “longtime friend” Janey Vi. In one of the latest videos, Janey and Simmons exit a cryogenic therapy chamber together in what appears to be their bathing suits. As if the video wasn’t “sus” enough, Simmons added a crazy caption stressing the importance of yoga in which he seemingly attempted to get ahead of the critical commenters curious about Vi’s real age.

“I generally never respond to negativity but please people respect the ladies @janeyvi is my dear friend who is an amazing mother …because or her yoga and meditation she looks young… but she’s happy to be pushing 40 ######## as for me im single and celibate[Heart emoji] for almost a year,” Simmons wrote in part.

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In another seemingly inconspicuous video, Simmons, Janey and yet another younger woman who goes by the name Lina Yue appear to be semi-undressed and enjoying each other’s company following a lengthy yoga session captured in a time lapse video. Maybe the video itself isn’t as bad as it looks, but it seems that it would be impossible to convince his followers that’s the case based on the comments on the post.

“I’m pretty sure it’s more than just yoga going down,” one user wrote in the comments while another added, “That’s a freaky yoga workout.”

However, one of the most troublesome comments culminates in both speculation and real world accusations Simmons is currently facing, as the user wrote, “With all the allegations this is NOT a good look Unc [Crying laughing emoji].”

Sure, maybe it’s a yoga thing and we don’t understand as Simmons mentions in the posts. But just last month the mogul was tracked down to his Bali resort and served with a lawsuit. Dixon, once a prominent executive in the Hip-Hop industry, filed a lawsuit against Simmons, accusing him of defamation. Again, I feel as though the need to reiterate the fact that the brother might benefit from a social media manager because this is one of those “read the room” moments.

Check out the wacky post below.

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