Sexyy Red Will Perform At The Super Bowl Halftime Show—If The NY Jets Get Their Way

Sexyy Red

It’s pretty much Sexyy Red for president at this point.

Sexyy Red is apparently taking over the world right now—well, at least reigning supreme over the New York Jets’ rabid legion of fans right now. Bolstered by the success of her hit single “SkeeYee,” which hit the Billboard Hot 100 Chart this week at No. 67, Sexyy Redd basked in the limelight at the Jets Monday Night Football game against in-state rival Buffalo Bills on Monday (September 11).

Despite Aaron Rodger’s season-ending Achilles injury being a lowlight of the game, Big Sexyy shared a number of incredible highlights from her inaugural NFL appearances, one of which included her s link-up with star draft pick Sauce Gardner—who went viral earlier this year after losing his mind during practice when the DJ on the field played Sexyy’s “SkeeYee” banger.

Truth be told, I would be lying right now if I didn’t say Sexyy Red herself is having a moment and not just going viral because of “SkeeYee.” I mean, yes, of course there are thousands of social media videos, TikTok audio and social media remixes (such as this flip of GOOnica’s “Gone” and Sexyy’s latest ratchet magnum opus) that continue to boost the track streams like a human growth hormone. However, it’s Sexyy’s personality that’s winning over the hearts of millions. Don’t believe me? Just take a second to scroll through her tweets or Instagram feed and see if you don’t end up laughing.

Check out Sexyy Red kicking it with Gardner while having her way in and around the Jets’ facility.

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