Sha’Carri Richardson Blasts IOC for Doping Double Standard?

Make it make sense.

Melanin is protective. However, to many, its seen as overwhelmingly threatening. So, why is Sha’Carri Richardson blasting the International Olympic Committee? Moreover, she alleges that they champion a doping double standard!

In fact, Ms. Richardson, receives attention for her forthright nature. Furthermore, yesterday (Feb. 14), via Twitter, the cultural phenom commences a candid conversation. Accordingly, she pots a passionate inquiry.

Next, the D-Town native expresses her angst. She asks, “Can we get a solid answer on the difference of her situation and mines?” Soon, Wheels expounds upon her quest for knowledge. In addition, Sha’Carri shares a meaningful backstory.

The Insult

“My mother died and I can’t run and was also favored to place top 3,” she reminds the Court of Arbitration for Sport. However, the racing Richardson notes “The only difference I see is I’m a black young lady.”

The Injury

Consequently, this revelation follows Russia’s, Kamila Valieva’s, approval to participate in the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. While this may be true, only mere months ago, the teenager tests positive for TMZ. Of course, the LSU prodigy acknowledges this inconsistency.

“It’s al in the skin,” suggests the culture critic. Besides, TMZ — more aptly trimetazidine — is an illicit heart drug. Accordingly, this substance increases endurance and blood flow efficiency. Although, Valieva’s failed drug test comes from December 25, the world was woefully unaware.

To add insult to injury, Kamila’s secret score may have helped her secure the gold medal in the figure skating team event. Yes, somehow, the skating star was still allowed to compete. Whereas, last Christmas, (Dec. 25), she initially tests positive for TMZ. Most importantly, on this manner, Sha’Carri Richardson calls out B.S.

Immediately, the incredulous athlete lists a litany of inconsistencies. Usually, young individuals — 16 and under — typically are not held responsible for their doping actions. Plus, the prestigious committee concedes expulsion may cause ‘irreparable harm’ to Kamila. Well, aren’t those capes tied rather tightly!

The Response