Sheff G, Sleepy Hallow + 35 Other Rappers Scouted To Appear At NYC Trump Rally

Donald Trump

How many rappers in the New York drill music scene do you think joined the “Trump Train” in 2024?

Sheff G and Sleepy Hallow were reportedly among a laundry list of drill rappers who wanted to jump on the “Trump Train” during the former president’s recent rally in New York City.

The pair of Brooklyn rappers recently joined Donald Trump at his rally in the Bronx. After speaking at the rally, both Sheff G and Sleepy Hallow faced criticism from several figures within the space of the entertainment industry and Hip-Hop. Among those critics was Hot 97 radio host Peter Rosenberg, who called for the rappers to be pulled from the Summer Jam music festival line-up.

Additionally, comedian D.L Hughly criticized the rappers for aligning with felons such as Trump and Billy McFarland, who he described as “The guy behind Fyre Festival.”

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Now, McFarland, who was released from prison in 2022, has revealed that Sheff G and Sleppy Hallow may not have been the only rap artists willing to brave the brunt of public outcry following an appearance with Trump. In a recent interview, McFarland, who had a hand in planning the rally, spoke about the process and what went into the decision to invite Sheff G and Sleepy Hallow in the first place.

“The Trump rally was the first time a president has done a rally in the Bronx since Ronald Reagan, so I thought it was kind of like this historical, whatever your politics are,” McFarland said in part.

In total, he claims there were more than triple the amount of requests from rappers to take the stage with Trump at the rally than the mere two who made it to the stage.

“It was probably this historical New York moment, and I think a great way to capitalize and kind of make history was to bring New York rap to the Bronx. There were probably 35 artists who asked me to come to that rally,” he said.

McFarland went on to add that while he wasn’t “going to drop people’s names,” rap fans might be surprised by the requests he received.

“You don’t want to drop people people’s names,” he said before adding. “I think every single drill artist in New York wanted to be there.”

Trump has also seen an outpouring of support from numerous rapers and celebrities following the announcement of his guilty verdict in connection to the hush money trial in New York, which also involved former adult film star Stormy Daniels.

Despite being convicted on all 34 counts he was charged of, which include business fraud among other charges, Trump still has the support of socialites such as Amber Rose, who recently spoke to TMZ about Trump and the race for the White House. In particular, Rose was questioned if Trump receiving 34 guilty verdicts in his falsifying business records case changed her mind about voting for him.

“Nope, not at all, still voting for Donald Trump,” Amber Rose responded. “I think it helps him more. Absolutely. I think people see the injustice and they want to vote for him more than ever.”

Between 2023 and 2024, several rap artists publicly endorsed Donald Trump despite his ongoing hush money trial in New York. Kanye West, known for his controversial support of Trump in the past, reiterated his backing, citing Trump’s policies as beneficial for economic growth and prison reform.

Additionally, Ice Cube voiced support, arguing that Trump’s administration was more receptive to his Contract with Black America than other political leaders. Lil Pump, who had previously endorsed Trump in the 2020 election, continued his support, emphasizing Trump’s impact on tax policies are favorable to his financial interests.

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