Shyheim Calls Out Killah Priest As A Traitor!

NORE Shyheim

NORE, Shyheim and all the Wu-Tang affiliates have some unfinished business…and some of it appears to be within the family!

What happened!?!

I thought it was all Wu-Fam and love! Just a few days AGO, the whole Killarmy, Sunz of Man, and all that was on Killah Priest’s podcast in solidarity. Suddenly, it blew up. I couldn’t figure it out, so I kept my mouth completely shut. But I can now see a bit clearer, so I am addressing it.

What I missed was that Killah Priest took the lead and got on Drink Champs on Facetime. Clearly, Shy was not happy with that. I think he was looking for more from Nore. On top of that, he called Killah Priest a “Judas” and then basically said he banned him from the crew. Not sure if he has that power, but KP seems befuddled about it. “Shyheim needs a hug,” KP said and said he’ll continue on his podcast. I always find it interesting when people “talk” through live videos and Instagram. Hopefully, it works out.

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Shyheim has that aggressive energy. Ghostface is kinda just there, so I am not taking it as a co-sign. I honestly get where Shyheim is coming from. He was talking about a unified front and also getting paid! With Killah Priest jumping in front solo dolo, he undercut what Shy was talking about. There are about 8,9 years between these Wu-Brothers, but it seems like more. The energy is crazy!!!!!!!

It may be water under the bridge, because Shy already got the invite to be on the show. BUT, here is the bigger question: Will Killarmy or Sunz of Man be invited? That is what Shy was pushing Heavy! I guess we gotta wait and see. Remember, Dom P is still out there. Ninth Prince certainly deserves to get a seat at the table. This is far from over.

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It seems like Nore is going to call into Killah Priest’s podcast to have an extended chat. Well…. let’s see!